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X-rate Currency Converter

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仁令 林
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Its widget feature allows you view without opening the app. Intelligent calculation of increase or decrease in percentage/amount in real time, and dynamic conversion of multi-currencies (no restriction), making it indispensable for travelling abroad, studying abroad, purchasing through a purchase agent and buying products overseas.

* Follow the currency you want to exchange, enter money, then check the variation of exchange rate.
* You can check the variation through widget without opening App.
* Calculate the increase and decrease of percentage/amount automaticlly, you don't have to do that by your own.
* Support more than 160 kinds of currency all over the world.
* Update exchange rate in real-time. Provide the latest online exchange rate. And calculate accuratly.
* Calculate off-line. Store the latest exchange rate value, calculate accurately without network.
* Support multi-language. For worldwide people.
* The rise is clear throuth exchange rate trend chart.
* There's no limit for currency kinds. You can add a variety of currency categories.

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