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Font Tweak in any languages – Free Cool and Funny Multilingual Fonts to Pimp Online Messages

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Finally! Now you can pimp your online messages with awesome text effects—in any language!

7҉0҉+҉ F҉O҉N҉T҉S҉ to make you COOL!

Font Tweak allows you to express your individuality by creating wacky, cool, and fun online messages and profiles. Instantly transform your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence. Expect more Likes, retweets, and followers. Get ready for your popularity to skyrocket!

Font Tweak places more than 70 unique text effects at your disposal. You will never send another boring SMS or social media message!

Do even more with your text. Update your default iOS folders with cool text. You can also copy your pimped text into other apps on your iOS device (where applicable).

Font Tweak includes an encryption feature that you can use to send secret messages. Only you and the recipient of the message will be able to decode the message!

How the Font Tweak app works:
1. Type your message.
2. Choose a font.
3. Send your message.

That’s it. Just three simple steps to create wild and fun text!


Here are all the incredible things you can do with the Font Tweak app:

► Pimp your text with an incredible collection of more than 70 font effects!
► Write text in your preferred language. This app supports all languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean!
► Use the encryption feature to hide a message in Emoji between you and a friend!

Download the Font Tweak app and get ready to enhance your online presence!

*Mini Game included to unlock all fonts FREE of charge.

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