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Kunitaka Endo
Intro Quiz Battle Free

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Kunitaka Endo
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Intro Quiz Battle, in short "Intro Battle", is an application using your iPod music and play intro quiz.

*Free version*
You can't choose the songs to play with.
Only one player can play.
Only 10 quizzes.

*Full version*
"Intro Quiz Battle"

You can choose the songs to play with!
4 Players can play the game at once!!
You can select the number of quizzes (10, 30, All)!

☆Download the full version from here☆


The rule is "Fastest Finger First".

1.Song Playing.
2.Push your button as fast as you can.
3.Select your answer from the choices the system choose at random.

If you know the song, it is easy for you to find out it.
However, you should know about the album name too, or you can't know which correct answer is if there are two same songs in different two albums.

Let's enjoy it with your friends! or Try to check how many songs in your iPod you know!

Are you ready for intro quiz battle?

Caution: You should have one song in your iPod at least.
Don't leave "Intro Battle" and "Intro Battle Free" in your background at same time, or it won't work well sometimes.

Changelog: Alt om "Intro Quiz Battle Free" i detaljer...
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Programmet bliver nu indekseret af Programmet er blevet tilføjet til appzoo-databasen 5 år siden - 1.5

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