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K Music Player 3 Ultimate

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A very high sound quality music player, this is the hi-end level music player,the player to give you Perfect sound quality and sound charm, show the highest quality control and sound of voice and headset, headset, speaker and defect correction of most of the
Function: FLAC, analog taste,SACD, DSD, DXD, CUE, LRC lyrics, A-B repeat, sleep mode, 512 PEQ, a variety of audio headset defect correction. Warm voice, vocal charm. Low frequency full flexible and powerful. High grade UI, RTA spectrum effects, DSD maximum support to DSD512

Best sound we can, enjoy perfect music.

Ultimate version has speed / dynamic / analytical desktop sound, never tolerate voice

Has 512 Parameters EQ,lyrics,CUE,MV

Support for importing music files,lyrics,covers from other App,can AirDrop

MV Video: FLV / MP4

iPhone/iPad direct quality more than 500 dollars music player, can help you save at least 450 dollars of the spending for the front end

1. no advertising
2. do not consume network traffic to download
3. sound is very good

This player is designed for top users, and this version is the most advanced version. The player will give you the most beautiful music. And you don't need to buy an external DSD DAC
There are 2 modes of work for the player:
1. iPhone/iPad direct push
2. portable/desktop PCM DAC

can fully control and enhance the final performance of PCM DAC and headphone / speakers. And greatly enhance the sound quality of the entire audio system and listening

HI END level sound, natural sound. This player is the interpretation of the music and the singer's feelings.
Ultimate brings an unprecedented level of audio. It took us 6 years to design and complete ultimate's sound system and achieve a breakthrough beyond all

will give you extraordinary music enjoyment. And it brings very good portability (no longer needs DSD DAC)

SACD/DSD provides 4 listen to the playback and compression mode: time simulation, equilibrium, strong dynamic,Pure DSD
Support for left and right channel anti interference balance output adjustment and sound distance and sound field adjustment

has a real-time LP film record style module, we can obtain the LP style is warm and moist, and contains the precise phase control

Support EarPods/AirPods/PX200ii/SE535/SE846/K3003/IE60/IE80/IE800/MDR-Z7/HD600/HD650/HD800 and other advanced headphones

has an analog sound controller, which is used to eliminate the digital flavor of the sound

There is a compression decompression engine DFF/DSF files can be compressed to the original 1/4-1/16 size

Support folder and folder nested combination, each folder automatically generates a play list

Has head medium effect eliminator

Detailed support specifications:
DSD512 1bit 22.5792MHz dsf dff
DSD256 1bit 11.2896MHz dsf dff
DSD128 1bit 5.6448MHz dsf dff
DSD64 1bit 2.8224MHz (SACD) dsf dff

DTS wav (5.1 uncompressed PCM, 16bit 44.1KHz )
DTS wav (6.1 uncompressed PCM, 16bit 44.1KHz )
DTS wav (6.1 uncompressed PCM, 24bit 44.1KHz )

64bit 192KHZ WAV
32bit 44.1KHz 48Khz 88.2khz 96KHz 176.4khz 192Khz 352.8Khz 384Khz WAV (Float and PCM S32 LE)
24bit 44.1KHz 48Khz 88.2khz 96KHz 176.4khz 192Khz 352.8Khz 384Khz WAV
16bit 44.1KHz 48Khz 88.2khz 96KHz 176.4khz 192Khz 352.8Khz 384Khz WAV

32bit 44.1KHz 48Khz 88.2khz 96KHz 176.4khz 192Khz flac
24bit 44.1KHz 48Khz 88.2khz 96KHz 176.4khz 192Khz flac
16bit 44.1KHz 48Khz 88.2khz 96KHz 176.4khz 192Khz flac

5.1 DTS flac 16bit 44.1KHz
6.1 DTS flac 16bit 44.1KHz
6.1 DTS flac 24bit 44.1KHz

24bit 352.8/384Khz DXD
32bit 352.8/384Khz DXD

32bit 44.1KHz AIFC
24bit 88.2KHz AIFF
16bit 44.1KHz AIFF

Power : DSD compress < AIFC < WAV < MP3 < AAC < FLAC < DSD

DSP and EQ processing precision: 128bit

how to run:use iTunes put the music file at file sharing into K Music player's document.

customer support and bug report

URL Schemes is: kmusicplayerult

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