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Kibo Software, Inc.
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Kibo’s Mobile Point of Commerce (mPOC) allows you to empower your store associates and enhance your in-store retail experience. The mPOC app provides full point of sale capability or can integrate with your existing POS to add functionality like mobile checkout, line busting, access to real time inventory, sales and customer history data and omnichannel retail experiences like endless aisle/save the sale, buy online pickup in store, or using your store as a fulfillment center for online orders.

Provide your store associates with the tools they need to get out from behind the register and enhance the customer experience. Having mobile checkout, deeper product information and customer history, preferences and recommendations in the palm of their hands will help them to provide top notch customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

mPOC is a secure cloud based platform with an intuitive easy to use interface that can be readily expanded to handle more data, stores, customers or store associates. The platform comes integrated with Kibo’s eComm, order management and personalization platforms and can be integrated to sync with your existing retail platforms in real time.

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