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The Mistral Configurator application makes it easy and fun to create your perfect storage.

PLEASE NOTE that we have aimed to create an application as lifelike as possible. You cannot make combinations which are not possible in real life. Eg. you have to remove shelves to fill up a cabinet with drawers!

Start by choosing a cabinet. Click at the cabinet you want and pull it to the wall. Remember that you can scroll down to more cabinets at the right side.

PLEASE NOTE that you - at any time - can choose between 2D and 3D at the left upper side of the App. We recommend to use 2D while building your arrangement.

You can change the colour when ever you want. Click at Colours and then click at the cabinet/door/drawer etc. you want to change following a click at the colour. Please notice that the colour of the shelves do not change with the cabinet. You have to change the colour by clicking at the shelf and then change the colour (easiest in 3D).

NB: when adding doors/drawers/shelves you have to click at the relevant cabinet, then the doors and drawers available for this cabinet are highlighted. Click at the door/drawer you want and you see blue marks where the door/drawer can be placed. Click at the blue mark, where you want the door/drawer/shelf. You cannot pull the doors etc. on to the cabinet.

When adding legs/castors/plinths: click at the cabinet, you want to be placed at the floor and then the leg/castor/plinth you want.

When you’ve finished, you can email your design to the nearest Mistral retailer or send it to family and friends to show your designing skills.

Last but not least, you have the possibility to register as a user and save your favourite arrangements!

Mistral is Danish design produced in Denmark by Hammel Furniture A/S.

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