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Petur Ingi Egilsson

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Petur Ingi Egilsson
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Pictorial is the perfect app for creating visual schedules. Using Pictorial, you will be making schedules using pictograms in no time! Pictorial's easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create pictograms from many different sources, such as your iPhoto library or by shooting a photo directly from within Pictorial.

It has been shown that it is significantly easier to remember schedules by using pictograms instead of text-only. Not only that, but children have a much easier time learning how to schedule and to remember a schedule by using and referring to pictograms. Pictorial is therefore the perfect app for anyone, and especially parents looking for a companion app in helping teaching their young ones the plan for the rest of the week.

Pictorial contains important key-features while retaining a very easy-to-use interface:

- Plan for the day or an entire week at a time. You can easily switch between whether to show the current day or week, even while editing your schedule.

- Easy drag-and-drop interface. Pictorial sets itself apart from similar apps by enabling dragging and dropping of pictograms when editing schedules. This makes for an easy and intuitive interface to use for all ages.

- Easily add new pictograms to Pictorial's collection of pictograms. You can do this either by shooting new photos from within Pictorial, from an online source, or by selecting photos from your iPhoto library. Photos will even stay as pictograms in Pictorial if you delete them from iPhoto, so you will never accidentally loose important pictograms.

- Easily teach your kid what you have planned for your family. Having a picture of relatives that you are going to visit during the week, or the next destination for a family trip, will have your kids waiting in excitement. Before you know it, your kids will even love to get involved in the planning, on their way to becoming more independent.

- Pictorial requires no network connection and is therefore usable even when you find yourself on a field-trip where no internet connection is available.

- Completely ad-free. No ads will ever interrupt you or break your concentration while you plan or while teaching your kid.

Pictorial is developed and is continually maintained in collaboration with a team of educators specializing in teaching kids of all ages, some diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Pictorial is therefore designed with the upmost care to making the interface as easy to use as possible. This also makes Pictorial a useful tool for educators in institutions such as kindergartens or care center.

The Pictograms shown in the screenshots are not bundled with this app.

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