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Learning By Play ApS

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Learning By Play ApS
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ReadingKidz is the first app in English in a series of reading apps for children that can teach very young children to read. This is the 1st step with known words from the child's everyday. You get hours of fun learning and reading for children, where children have the opportunity to learn to read and recognize words.

Children can learn to read at a very early age, and now you can get help from this app. It's fun for kids to learn and they can sit alone with the app or they can sit with an adult.

ReadingKidz is created from the reading method: "whole language" in which children see the word as a picture. A voice will read the word at the same time you see the word and afterwards you see a picture of the word. By that method even very young children also have the opportunity to acquire written language at an early age that will make learning easier for them when they go to school.

In ReadingKidz there are several tasks. In addition to reading cards you will also discover match tasks and spelling tasks that can strengthen them even more in learning words consistency.


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