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Worlds best satellite footprints browser, dish alignment calculator and AR Sat Finder combined in one tool for your tablet or smartphone!

Here is the list of features available in this app:

- Satellite footprints at your fingertips - quick access to any position, satellite and beam; overlay multiple beams simultaneously to check the interference, overlay footprints with clouds, population density and other data. New: we started to add the uplinks (just a few now, but we keep working on this!)
- "Smart orbit" view - all the orbital positions, satellites and beams are colored basing on you current GPS location or any custom spot of your choice; "filter" orbit by band, operator, satellite name and more; dish alignment calculation on-the-fly
- AR satellite finder - just point your device camera up in the sky and turn around to see which satellites you can get right on the spot!
- Search locations, satellites and beams data
- Full offline mode - take it everywhere! No need of the data roaming connection to access the satellites and footprints data (you will need connection to internet just to get the application updates).
- Social networking. Take screenshots and share the AR views and beams with your friends and colleagues

One year of free footprints updates is included!

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