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Seek ’n Spell

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The first real-time outdoor game for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS!

Combining outdoor spaces with virtual letters, Seek ’n Spell uses your GPS to create a new type of game. The object is to gather virtual letters by running around an outdoor space and, then, to win points by spelling words with the letters you collect. All of this is done in a race against the clock!

Seek ’n Spell transforms gaming from a sedentary experience to a total workout for your mind and body!

Check out for a video of the game in action.

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Head outside to a park or other large open space. We recommend an area about the size of a football field, and since the game uses the iPhone's GPS, stay clear of tall buildings and trees, 'cause they'll interfere with the GPS signal.

Launch the app, enter your initials, and decide how long you want to play. Start the game, and Seek ’n Spell will load a map of your location and scatter virtual letters about the field which are displayed on the screen.

Then just run to a letter to pick it up, and it will appear in the letter tray at the bottom of your screen. You can have up to ten letters at a time. Tap letters to spell a word, and tap submit to get the points.

You get more points for longer words, so think hard and run fast to get as many points as you can! Keep an eye out for the golden letters - using one to spell a word will double your score.

Seek 'n Spell can be played alone (against a computer opponent) or with up to ten players at a time, and games can last up to 30 minutes. Even if you can't wrangle up nine more people with 3G iPhones, once you've got the game down pass your phone off to a friend and see if they can beat your score!

-The level is the satellite map image of your surroundings

-Golden tiles that double your word score

-Play up to 30 minutes with up to 10 people

-Exercise and mind-sharpening fun!

-Up to 4 computer opponents

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