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De Alwis, Le Coz and Shome

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De Alwis, Le Coz and Shome
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Attention girls, ladies, sisters, mothers, daughters, women of all shapes, sizes and nationalities.

Do you like to run, play ball, or do yoga?
Are you a doctor, dancer, or student?
Do you have red hair or brown skin?

Well, now you can express yourself – with She-Moji!

The keyboard and sticker app grants you access to over 400 original emoji representing female diversity, from Indian karate masters and red-headed chefs, to latina weightlifters and blonde astronauts.

The pack also includes a set of phrases, from “Slay All Day” to ‘Om Shanti’. Or if you just want to express your mood, style or give a shout out to your BFF, we have that too.

Installing She-Moji lets you easily add these unique characters to your messages via text, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and SnapChat (chat functionality only).

Created by DLS Studios
Developer: Devin Ross -
Animations: Blair Burke -


Want to request a specific She-Moji? We know we haven’t represented all women in this starter pack, but next we'll be growing the She-Moji girl gang with characters requested by you! So download today and then use #makemyshemoji to let us know what you want to see in future app updates:

Twitter: @shemojiapp
Instagram: @she.moji


After downloading the app, go to iOS Settings and add "She-Moji Keyboard" from third-party keyboards. Make sure to turn on “Allow Full Access”.

Please rest assured that She-Moji will never collect any personal information or transmit what you type over any network. Turning on “Allow Full Access” is simply an iOS requirement for third party keyboards. Allowing full access does not give us access to any of your other keyboards, only to the She-Moji keyboard. We take your privacy very seriously.

Stickers can be accessed directly through your text messaging app.


She-Moji, its designs, all assets & artwork are the sole property of DLS Studios and it's partners.

Despite the warning by Apple regarding installing third-party keyboards, we do not gain access to any private information and we do not monitor your keystrokes.

It is currently not possible for app developers to create new emoji keyboards that work like the ones installed on your phone. The process to create and release emojis is highly restricted, so until those rules change, we've come up with the next best thing. She-Mojis are sent as images that you need to copy and paste. Therefore additional MMS and data rates may apply.

There is no qwerty keyboard included in She-Moji - it’s nearly impossible to build one better than your regular keyboard, so just use the globe and ‘ABC’ icons in the bottom left of your keyboards to switch between Apple and She-Moji. It’s as easy as that!

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