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Tom Havemose
Sky Heart

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Tom Havemose
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Enter an endless world of a fantasy environment with robots and other obstacles that have unfriendly intentions. Your task is to carefully navigate through the surface of different planets and pickup lost astronauts with their heart flying in the sky. Complete each scene by saving 5 astronauts and locate the gateway to the next level. The game includes survival scenes as well as boss battles. This is a touch and drag game, there is no bullet button as the helicopter is armed with a clever auto missiles system, that can search and hit moving objects, how cool is that :)

Can you control the chopper and beat the final boss?

- Endless world
- Random generated levels
- Third person view
- Boss battles
- 20 levels to complete
- Easy touch-drag controls
- Professional game music
- No advertisements or in app purchases
- Instant accessible and easy to play
- Easy for kids
- No login / user required
- Fast relaunch of levels

Play Sky Heart today!
100% indie game, please leave a rating.

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