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Teachers' Pack 3

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This app is designed for teachers, therapists and speech pathologists. It contains the full versions (without In-App-Purchasing) of 15 of our educational games: Build it up, Sorting Game, My Mosaic 1, My Mosaic 2, Dot 2 Dot, Maze Game 1, Maze Game 2, Maze Game 3, Dinos Jigsaw, Shapes Jigsaw, Animated Puzzle 1, Animated Puzzle 2, Animated Puzzle 3, Differences, Memo Game.

In addition, it contains the ability to define multiple students who are using the app, and to track the progress of each one of them on each activity. This feature was developed together with the faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University, Netherlands.

This app includes important activities that help develop cognitive skills, language skills, visual perception skills and fine motor skills among kids aged 2.5 - 7 years. Teachers all over the world are thrilled with the progress kids have achieved by using these essential educational activities.

1. Build it up - Create an image by assembling parts one on top of the other. Ages: 2.5+

2. Sorting Game - Sort items by categories. Ages: 2+

3. My Mosaic 1- Create a mosaic using colourful dots. Ages: 3+

4. My Mosaic 2 - Create a mosaic using colourful squares. Ages: 4+

5. Dot 2 Dot - Connect dots to reveal an image. Ages: 4+

6. Maze Game 1 - Find the way in a maze. Ages: 3+

7. Maze Game 2 - Find the way in a maze. Ages: 4+

8. Maze Game 3 - Find the way in a maze. Ages: 4.5+

9. Dinos Jigsaw - Arrange pieces to create a dinosaur. Ages: 2.5+

10. Shapes Jigsaw - Arrange shapes inside a square. Ages: 2.5+

11. Animated Puzzle 1 - Arrange 4 pieces of an animated scene. Ages: 3+

12. Animated Puzzle 2 - Arrange 6 pieces of an animated scene. Ages: 4+

13. Animated Puzzle 3 - Arrange 9 pieces of an animated scene. Ages: 4.5+

14. Find Out the Differences - Find out the differences between two scenes. Ages: 5+

15. Memo Game - Practice memory with matching cards. Ages: 3+

This game is one of a series of educational games for kids by We believe that learning, playing, exploring and experimenting is what children do best. Children are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution a whole new world of games is evolving - opening new horizons for the very young. Thus, young children can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills. helps bringing this new and enriching world to the curious little fingers of young children.

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