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Trade Fairs SMART Guide

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Check trade fairs and shows by firms demonstrating their products and services. The app has a list of all national and international trade fairs and shows. Trade Fairs SMART Guide is an app that gives you knowledge about Trade Fairs and Shows around the world. The app gives you details about categories of Trade Fairs and Shows under it.

The app provides information about various Trade Fairs and Shows, both country wise and citywise. You can sort the Trade Fairs and Shows based on popularity and alphabetically. Travel to your favorite destinations with all the required information and pictures in the palm of your hand.

Find out particulars of Trade Fairs and Shows like:-

* Significance
* Best time to visit
* How to get the list of Trade Fairs and Shows while you are travelling

Features of the app:-

* Description - Know the details, country and city it belongs to, address and coordinates.
* Search - Just type in whatever you are searching for in the search box and get required details. Also you can search within a particular category.
* EduBank - Save your learnings with EduBank.
* Contribute - If you think we missed something, please contribute and we’ll update it.
* Nearby or Map feature - It has 3 options:-
-- Draw Shape - We provide you the feature to look at nearby places of interest by drawing a shape around it.
-- Select Marker - Pinpoint the places through which you want to draw the route. Path will be drawn/marked. You can play the route. Enjoy the virtual street view.
-- Reset - Refresh the map.

Know the details about all Trade Fairs and Shows on finger tips. So what are you waiting for? It’s a small world after all. Visit your favorite Trade Fairs and Shows with Trade Fairs SMART Guide and learn more about your area of interests.

** Full features and content under these categories require additional InApp purchases as mentioned below:-

1. BePro-Ad Free - This purchase makes the app ads free.
2. BePro-All Pack - This purchase makes all the premium features available to you for lifetime.

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