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Words in the corner - Play and Learn to read Norwegian game for school kids

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Want your kids to have Fun and while they Study how to read? Then this is the app to get.

Kids of all ages will have fun for hours while they solve problems. They stay motivated by leveling up their character and unlocking exciting rewards and prizes.

This is Just like an Action Role Playing Game, but instead of slaying monsters you are solving educational tasks! You learn while you are gaining experience and leveling up your character.

You can track your progress in various skills over time. Compete on our worldwide leaderboards or with other students in teacher hosted competitions!

The same character can be used in lots of educational apps and games, take a look at the rest of our app catalogue.

About the Game
Play and learn to read Norwegian with this exciting word game. You look at fun pictures and place the images in the right location.

The game is really easy to learn. Kids from as young as 2 years old can use the game. All they have to do is to recognise the images and move them over to the correct word.

The game can also be used by adults to learn Norwegian words in a fun new way. The game has over 40 levels and hours of fun entertainment and learning.

For teachers
- Students can join their class and share data with teachers.
- Teachers can see detailed information on student and class progress over time.
- Teachers can follow student progress live during class and host exciting competitions!
- Sign up at to get access to these exciting features.

- 50 different characters to chose from.
- 25 character levels and 8 skills to level up.
- Compete against students worldwide on our leaderboards.
- Get access to exciting rewards as you level up.
- Use the same character for all our educational apps.
- Track your progress in school subjects over time.
- Lots of different game levels.
- Hours of exciting gameplay.

The game has no ads or in-app purchases. Buy the game now and get access to everything!

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